QuinnWilliams, LLC specializes in homeland security and emergency planning for public and private sector organizations. QuinnWilliams provides the services and tools to prepare our clients for incidents that range the entire crisis spectrum, including natural disasters, terrorist incidents, technical hazards, and contingency operations. Our in-depth assessment, analysis and strategic advice lead to real world solutions. QuinnWilliams is DBE certified by the California Department of Transportation, SBE certified by Los Angeles METRO, WBE and SBE certified by the City of Los Angeles. Julie and Katherine are both members of Infragard and Julie is a certified mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica.


Our Services Include:      

  •           Best Practices Research 
  •           Business Continuity Planning
  •           Compliance 
  •           Exercise Planning
  •           Investigations 
  •           Risk/Threat Assessment 
  •           Stakeholder Engagement 
  •           White Papers

Recent Projects:

San Bernardino


Member of team working to develop a report documenting the County of San Bernardino's Organizational Response to the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack. 


Los Angeles Metro

Member of team assessing the Bus, Rail and Emergency Operations Centers at Metro.Metro plans to integrate the agency's Bus and Rail Operations Control Centers -- including an Emergency Operations Center -- to improve communication and coordination, leverage technology to create a state of innovative business and operational processes while establishing a solid foundation for future growth. 

Homeland Security Advisory Council


Worked with high-level delegation from Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Beverly Hills Police Department to document lessons learned and present recommendations for the southern California law enforcement community following the December 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.  QuinnWilliams documented the findings of the delegation in a white Paper, The Attacks on Paris: Lessons Learned, published in July 2016.