Homeland Security Advisory Council

Following the Paris terror attacks in November 2015, QW authored the white paper, Attacks on Paris: Lessons Learned. Published in July 2016 and now part of the Naval Postgraduate School’s Homeland Security Digital Library, the paper documents the lessons learned from a multi-agency Los Angeles delegation sent to Paris to meet with law enforcement and intelligence officials on how Southern California can prepare for comparable terror attacks.


City of Los Angeles

In February 2019, QW delivered a new Strategic Plan to the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department capturing the Department's goals and strategic actions for the three-year period of 2019-2022. The Plan captures the Department's updated vision, mission and core values and highlights EMD's recent achievements, including NotifyLA, Ready Your LA Neighborhood, and efforts to update all emergency communications.


San Bernardino

Julie and Katherine were two members of a four-person team commissioned by the County of San Bernardino to document and assess the short- and long- term impacts and actions of the County in response to the December 2, 2015 terror attack. Two reports were developed. One is an organizational review documenting County government’s response to and recovery from the attack. The other is a first-of-its-kind legacy report designed as a resource for other agencies coping with or preparing for a similar crisis.